Thursday, November 27, 2008

FIRST of the finished REPUBLICAN ROMAN army

I have been very impressed by the IMPETUS rule set for quick, interesting games. I particularly like the larger stands being able to be more interesting then just sticking 3 or 4 figures on a smaller stand. Above is the first finished stands for the Republican Roman army.

Each Legion is made up of four stands, Hastisi, Princeps, Triari, and Velites. Since the first two (H and P) have the same game statistics I have included them on the same stand Hastisi in front and Princeps behind in the gaps. I wanted to show the maniple three lines approach of the Roman army of the time.

Although not exactly what I was going for, they do look more interesting then straight lines of figures I think.

Will post more when the next pair are done.


El Grego said...

Looking good! Just about to start into Impetus myself and the pics are helping. I am wondering what you will use for markers...

Bill R said...

EL GREGO, I am going to use single figures mounted on round bases. You can see some of them in the photos.

Two figures on a coin, for on opporunity. I am preparing some casualty stands as well to show permanent losses.

Galpy said...

I like your blog sounds like your a man that enjoy's his hobby and his life your figures look great, think i'll sign up and pop on over now and again to see whats happening on your side of the world, maybe you might come on over for a visit to my blog one day I'm another newbe on the blog block
Cheers Kent